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Video Q&A

Throughout the course of our Speakers Series we engaged our presenters through a panel that consisted of both students and parents from our communities. We quickly realized that our learning was not only during the main presentations, and that the Q&A in each session provided us with an opportunity to deepen our understandings. We have made short videos highlighting these candid questions and insightful answers from our incredible guests and courageous panel. 


Kevin Lamoureaux

Kevin Lamoureux is a Faculty member at the University of Winnipeg and a well known public speaker. He has served as Associate Vice President for the University of Winnipeg, Education Lead for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, and as Scholar in Residence for several school divisions.

He is an award winning scholar with an impressive publication and research grant record, and has consulted for governments, organizations and institutions across Canada. His most recent book contribution, for Ensouling Our Schools with Dr. Jennifer Katz, is being used by educators across Canada working to create inclusive spaces for all students. He has been seen on TV, in documentaries, in print, and in the media. More than anything, Lamoureux is committed to reconciliation and contributing to an even better Canada for all children to grow up in.

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Dr. Nancy Doda

Nancy Doda began her career as a teacher in an exemplary middle school. From her seminal teaching years to the present day, she remains one of the most sought-after voices in middle school education.

Throughout her career, Doda has been engaged in speaking, writing, and advocacy work for young adolescent learners and effective middle grade schooling. She has served as a consultant in 49 states, all provinces in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Far East. She is a member of the ASCD faculty. Today, Doda is an active workshop leader, speaker, and teacher coach in secondary schools. She is the founder of both Teacher to Teacher and the Alliance for Powerful Learning.


Dr. Dustin Louie

Dr. Dustin Louie is a First Nations scholar from Nee Tahi Buhn and Nadleh Whut’en of the Carrier Nation of central British Columbia. He is a member of the Beaver Clan. Dustin’s education background includes a degree in Canadian history, a Master’s in International Relations, and a PhD in Educational Research. The topic of Dr. Louie’s dissertation was Sexual Exploitation Prevention Education for Indigenous Girls. He has worked as an historian in a land claims law firm, studied Indigenous homelessness in Western Canada, worked internationally for non-governmental organizations in Uganda and Australia, and is now Director of NITEP. Dr. Louie, who will also hold an appointment as Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies, teaches primarily in courses related to Indigenous education, social justice, and educational philosophy. Further research interests include practical approaches to Indigenizing education, decolonizing education, Indigenous pedagogies, and critical theory.

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